Homedecorating Happy Monday! This Weekend I Got Around To Taking Down The Halloween Decor & I Updated My Mantel To A Simple Fall/thanksgiving Theme That I’ll Keep Up For About The Next Week And

Happy Monday! This weekend I got around to taking down the Halloween decor & I updated my mantel to a simple fall/thanksgiving theme that I'll keep up for about the next week and a half. Then I'll decorate for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving! Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great Monday! It's really cold here & we've got some snow moving in tonight, so there's homemade tortilla soup simmering on the stove for dinner! #fall #falldecoratingideas #falldecor

Homedecor Happy 1st Of November! I Have So Much To Be Thankful For, And This Is The Month Of Thanksgiving, Which I Am Thankful All The Time For My Blessed Life! But Last Night My Heart Was

Happy 1st of November! I have so much to be thankful for, and this is the month of Thanksgiving, which I am thankful all the time for my blessed life! But last night my heart was overwhelmed with how much I have and how great my life has been! James and I have been married for two years and we have our own house, great jobs, and many blessings! I am the happiest Mom finally painted her walls white, like I've been begging, and her clock looks so good against it #november #thankful #blessedlife

Homedecor I’m Seeing Sooo Many Conflicting Opinions On The Great Decorate For Christmas Before Thanksgiving Debate- Where Do You Fall I Like To Decorate Immediately After Thanksgiving,

Iu2019m seeing sooo many conflicting opinions on the great decorate for Christmas before thanksgiving debate- where do you fall I like to decorate immediately after Thanksgiving, but donu2019t get me wrong, I love seeing all the beautiful Christmas ideas now! #tablescape #homeinspo #neutraldecor

This Is A Great Feed To Follow Right Here! I Sure Enjoy My Instagram Feeds,follows, And Friends! Repost (@get_repost) I Love This Season Of Being Intentional And Homedecor

This is a great feed to follow right here! I sure enjoy my Instagram feeds,follows, and friends! #Repost (@get_repost) I love this season of being intentional and grateful This is the key to true happiness! Itu2019s easy to constantly compare ourselves to others and with what others have. but thatu2019s often how the Enemy gets us to fall into many traps. He loves us to focus on what we DONu2019T have instead of thanking God for what we DO have! So in this season itu2019s the PERFECT time to practice being thankful each day and intentionally loving those around you and letting them know how thankful you are for them! Always ask God to help you focus on the good in everything and everyone Itu2019s a prayer I pray daily. And I just want you to know Iu2019m SOO thankful for each of you and all your support and thankful for my precious family. who each work so hard to help make all your signs! Yu2019all bless me so much each day and I pray God blesses each of you! #thankful #decor

So, So Thankful For All The Good Things HE Has Done For Me! Happy Tuesday Thankful Happytuesday Heisgood Distressedsigns Scriptureoftheday Scripture Rustichome Rusticwoodsign

So, so thankful for all the good things HE has done for me! Happy Tuesday #thankful #happytuesday #heisgood

Do You Ever Have One Of Those Days (or In My Case A Few Days) That Just Forces You To Slow Down And Be Thankful It’s Like Knew I Needed A Little Reminder That One Of My Homedecor

Do you ever have one of those days (or in my case a few days) that just forces you to slow down and be thankful Itu2019s like God knew I needed a little reminder that one of my resolutions for 2017 was to be present and be intentional (can anyone guess what book I read last fall A part of what I am so thankful for is this amazing community of talented and inspirational people I have met through this Instagram account and for that I want to thank each of you! Oh, and P.S. I desperately need a new rug in this room, taking suggestions #shareyourseasonalnest #myjoyfulseason #diningroom