Homedesign Roofs Going On, Tear Off And Got The Front Wrapped Up In One Day With The Guys HAND Nailing. We Will Go Over The Back Part Of The Roof With GAF Stormguard And Cover Up That Grace

Roofs going on, tear off and got the front wrapped up in one day with the guys HAND nailing. We will go over the back part of the roof with GAF stormguard and cover up that grace select. The shingle is a GAF Timberline HD Lifetime architectural shingle (color: Barkwood) and the underlayment is GAFu2019s stormguard. Stormguard is easily one of the best ice and water shields on the market, and in my opinion. better than Grace. Itu2019s thicker, adheres well, and doesnu2019t tear after the guys walk on it all day @realremodels @contractors.of.insta @gafroofing @builders.of.insta #builder #building #remodel

Los Ambientes En Tu Sala Aunque Sean Clasicos Pueden Considerar Detalles Modernos Con Madera Em Conjunto Con El Mobiliario De Madera Diemadera, Integramos Estilos Para Crear Homedesign

Los ambientes en tu sala aunque sean clasicos pueden considerar detalles modernos con madera em conjunto con el mobiliario de madera diemadera, integramos estilos para crear ambientes! #diemadera #hechoenelsalvador #elsalvador

Check Out The Transformation Of This 1960s Home! KBCconstruction HoustonBuilder Contractor Buildersofig Contractorsofinsta Remodel Renovation Homedesign Entrepreneur HoustonHomes

Check out the transformation of this 1960s home! #KBCconstruction #HoustonBuilder #contractor

Backsplash All The Way Up To The Ceiling Tile Interiordesign Interiors Custom Mosaic Installation Homedecor Annarbor Westbloomfield Craftmanship Design Keepcraftalive Contractor

Backsplash all the way up to the ceiling #tile #interiordesign #interiors

Homedecor It Came Down To A Choice Between Two Units. This One Was The Runner Up, But It Had Two Major Flaws. As Much As I Loved The Island In The Kitchen, There Wasn’t A Conventional Oven

It came down to a choice between two units. This one was the runner up, but it had two major flaws. As much as I loved the island in the kitchen, there wasn't a conventional oven (just a small one that looked like a microwave), & the patio opened directly from my bedroom instead of the living room. Despite those 2 flaws, I really liked the layout of this one. But I ended up going with a 3rd floor corner unit that has a great view of the pool & a bigger patio (for those nights I want a @rockypatelcigar & @theglenlivet_us instead. I'll have photos as soon as I move in around February. The unit is still under construction right now. On to new & different things #sneakpeek #shanty2chic #trim

Homedecor Ambientes Exteriores Que Se Integran Al Paisaje De Forma Natural Diemadera, Sistemas Con Madera Para Exteriores Con Finos Acabados! Diemadera Hechoenelsalvador Elsalvador Sv

Ambientes exteriores que se integran al paisaje de forma natural diemadera, sistemas con madera para exteriores con finos acabados! #diemadera #hechoenelsalvador #elsalvador

Interiordesign You’ve Got To Love Contractors That Send You Progress Pics. So Excited For Our Client’s Little Girls To Enjoy Their Remodeled Bathroom. @angelatoddstudios Sneakpeek Tiles

You've got to love contractors that send you progress pics. So excited for our client's little girls to enjoy their remodeled bathroom. @angelatoddstudios #sneakpeek #tiles #bathroomdesign

Mood Lighting Hue Mood Lighting Anautomation Control4 Smarthome Homeautomation Interior Interiordesign Interiordesigner Automation Reno Renovation Homedecor Homedecoration

Mood Lighting #hue #mood #lighting

Follow Me @uslumberjack Via @zurinbar Love To Tag Please Do! Renovate Keepcraftalive Trim Design Carpinteria Homeimprovement Millwork Tools Dwtough Homedecor Interiordesign

Follow Me @uslumberjack Via @zurinbar Love to tag Please do! #renovate #keepcraftalive #trim

RossiPinottiArquiteto Arquitetura Arquitectura Architecture Arquiteto Arquitecto Architect Archidaily Archilovers Architexture Diseño Design Home Homedesign Interiordesign Model

#RossiPinottiArquiteto #arquitetura #arquitectura